Online Ordering Requires a CPF

So I tried to order something online today.

If you really want to know, it was a women’s Brazilian Jiu Jitsu gi from Fenom. Even with the international shipping (which was $60 USD), the total price was only $150 USD. I was willing to pay a little more for it to get shipped, since I haven’t had much luck in locating a small enough sized gi here in Rio. It seems that the smallest size most stores carry is A1, which is still too big for me. Fenom has sizes tailored for women, so that would have been ideal.

So, I went to order. After putting in that the shipping address was in Brazil, the form asked for my CPF, which is like a Brazilian Tax ID. It’s they keep track of your financial stability and debts I guess. I don’t know. The point is, I don’t have one yet. Damn! I originally thought you needed a birth certificate to get one, but as other grantees are telling me they got their CPF’s without a birth certificate, I’m considering getting one…

Anyway, I didn’t physically do much today. Sat at the computer and read lots of things. Looked into how to get hooked up with just a data plan when I get back to the states (turns out, you can just use the data-only plan on the SIM card that you use for any iPad), as well as more BJJ gyms and aerial/circus gyms.

I was so lazy tonight I didn’t even cook — I made ramen. Threw in a couple of eggs to try to make it somewhat nutritious.

Everything closes on the weekends though, so I’m going to have to figure out what to do this weekend…Hmmm!


One response to “Online Ordering Requires a CPF

  1. Hope you’ve got the CPF all worked out. It’s especially important now that you need a CPF to make **any** purchases at electronics stores like Casas Bahia. If you’re still having problems, just keep going to a different Banco do Brasil until you find someone who won’t follow the rules to the letter :) I managed to get mine in 2009 with only a passport and a friendly attitude.

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