Second BJJ Class: This time with dudes.

It ended up being that I was the only girl in the mixed gender BJJ class today. Met some English-speaking guys who are here in Rio as part of a 2-week BJJ trip. Went over a sweep from closed guard today. For the life of me I have no idea what it was called. You open your guard, put one foot on your opponent’s same side bicep, and you have your opposite leg hooked from the outside in on your opponent’s same side leg. I don’t know.

Also learned a sweep from standing where your opponent starts by grabbing your collar. You first break their grip, push their hand (the one they use to grab your collar) down to their opposite ankle. Step your same side (as the hand they used to grab your collar) leg in between their legs, behind their opposite ankle. Then grab that opposite ankle with your other hand and pull it to complete the sweep. …Yeah, I don’t know what this one is either.

Here’s a picture of the girls class yesterday :)

BJJ Photo w ladies of Academia Upper March 12 2013

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