Jair Bolsonaro: Pure Evil? or Master Troll?

I had never heard of this man before, and there isn’t a lot of information available about him in English on the internet. A former Brazilian congressman, Bolsonaro is currently the stand-in director of the Commission on Human Rights and Minorities within the Brazilian House of Representatives. This, as you will see below, is the great irony. Within Brazil, he is infamous for being racist, pro-torture, and a general douchebag.

Here’s a checklist, just in case you were  wondering “How much of a douchebag is he exactly?”:

  • Is he racist? This one’s easy — yup.
    • Well, he apparently thinks black women are the scum of the earth. Famous black singer/actress Preta Gil (daughter of Gilberto Gil) asked him what he would think if his son was in love with a black woman. His response:  “Preta, I am not going to discuss promiscuity with you. There’s no risk  of my son falling in love with a black woman because my sons were very well-educated and they don’t live in environments as lamentable as yours.” (Source)
  • Is he homophobic? You bet.
    • A TV viewer asked him, “If they invited you to a gay pride parade, would you go?” His response: “I would not because I do not care to promote bad habits. I believe in God. I have a family. The family must be preserved at whatever cost. Otherwise, a nation would, simply put, collapse.” (Source)
    • He once made a joke in a federal tribunal that: once gay marriage is legalized, the only next logical step is to legalize pedophilia as well. Yup, pedophilia. (Source)
  • Does he hate women? More or less, yup.
    • He was purportedly against the “Maria da Penha Law” which aimed to reduce domestic violence against women by increasing the punishment for offenders. (Source)
  • Does he think torture is okay? Totally.
  • Does he believe in the death sentence? Yup.
  • Is he rude, vile, and kind of a generally an asshole? Yeah, basically.
    • Here’s a recent and now infamous photo of him holding up a sign that says “Go fuck yourselves” to his protesters. (Okay, for the curious: A more literal translation would be “Go fuck yourselves in the ass every day.” The ‘every day’ part is important here guys. He’s not kiddin’ around.) (Source)

      Translation "Go take it up the ass every day."

      Translation “Go fuck yourself in the ass every day.”

..At this point, part of me thinks that this guy is just a master troll.


2 responses to “Jair Bolsonaro: Pure Evil? or Master Troll?

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  2. Queimar rosca todo dia = Fuck in the ass every day.

    Vai queimar sua rosca todos os dias = Go Fuck yourself in the ass every day.

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