A Visit to Búzios

Jenna, Leetal, Lilly, and I booked a boat tour in Búzios, a wealthy resort town about 2-3 hours east of Rio de Janeiro on the Brazilian coast. It’s a popular place for cariocas (residents of Rio) to go in the summer, and, if you’re middle class or wealthier, you probably have a summer home there or a place you rent. Brazilians typically like to stay there several days to several weeks when they go on vacation, or for the weekend, at the very least, for Easter weekend.

This weekend happens to be Easter weekend, which we completely forgot about, so there were plenty of people in Búzios. And, for the purposes of our tour, we just booked a day trip, with the bus ride to and from, a buffet lunch there, and a boat tour all included. Total price was R$ 150, which is about $75 USD. A totally reasonable price I thought! And, actually, I even found it cheap!

Our tour bus stopped along the way there so people could stretch their legs and get some food (I was, of course, starving). I saw these ingenious little packets of honey and dulce de leite.


Our tour bus stopped at a store/cafe on the way to Búzios and I saw these honey and dulce de leite packets.. Ingenious!

Seriously, ingenious! No more messy sticky spoons, no more sticky fingers, no more overeating (okay maybe overeating will still happen). Just open the edge of one little packet and squeeze it onto your piece of toast, banana, whatever. I love it.

Finally, after about 2.5-3 hours, we arrived in Búzios. Our tour guide hustled us onto the boat.


Gettin’ on our boat tour in Búzios!


Leetal taking a picture of Lilly and Jenna on our boat tour.

We stopped to take a look at several beaches, this being one of them.


Some guy paddle surfing. Our boat nearly ran him over, but he just kept on calmly paddling along…


One of the (many) beaches in Búzios.


People jumped off our boat to get in the cool ocean water. Me? No way. Too cold! I’m a delicate flower.

Of course I didn’t get into the water. The only kind of water I like to swim in is bath-temperature water.

Ship staff member planting a kiss on my cheek. Brazilians...

Ship staff member planting a kiss on my cheek. Brazilians…

I absolutely cannot imagine an American man, who is a staff member of a tour I’ve booked, doing this. Oh, Brazilians!

Oh, and here’s me:

Me on a boat. Pretending to be adventurous.

Me on a boat. Pretending to be adventurous.

Then we had lunch in the little town of Búzios.

The main street in Búzios. Yes, it's all shopping.

The main street in Búzios. Yes, it’s all shopping.

Last thoughts: All there is here is food and shopping and beach. The prices aren’t really expensive though, as I thought it would be. Still, there’s already plenty of beach in Rio, and I don’t really have that much interest in coming somewhere simply to buy things. While I know everyone else really like Búzios, I think I personally wouldn’t come back just for fun.


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