A Night at Rio Scenarium

We finally made it to Rio Scenarium tonight! Rio Scenarium is one of the most popular nightlife destinations here in Rio, if not the most popular. It’s located in Lapa, and has 3 full floors of restaurant, bar, live music, and dancing.

Lilly, Jenna, and Leetal had met 2 Brazilian guys at the beach earlier today, and they had offered to drive us all to Rio Scenarium. (For the record, the safety of this decision was discussed, but all three of them were very sure of the character of these gentlemen.) Turns out they work for the Brazilian military. Fighting?, you ask. Nope, taking physical education courses. Yup.

So they picked us up, drove us over to Rio Scenarium, and we proceeded to wait in line for the next 1.5 hours.

In line for Rio Scenarium... Hi Lilly, Jenna, Leetal!

In line for Rio Scenarium… Hi Lilly, Jenna, Leetal!

About 10 minutes from the entrance to Rio Scenarium, one of the guys had to use the bathroom, so he went off in search of a toilet. The line continued to move towards the entrance, and he didn’t return.. We tried everything. We called him, texted him, and I walked around the block looking for him. No luck! Eventually we had no choice but to go in…

A minute after we walked in and paid our entrance fees, we caught a glimpse of him trying to sweet-talk the security guard at the front to get in. I waived at him, and then waived at the guard, to prove that he was with our group. The guard didn’t seem convinced. Ten minutes later, he managed to get in without having to wait in the 1.5 hour line again. How did he do it? His friend said, “I don’t know, he’s Carioca! They know how to make it work.” (In Portuguese, he actually said “Ele deu um jeitinho!“)

Of course, after an hour and a half of waiting, I was starving. :) So I ordered the Rio Scenarium fancy version of “escondidinho.” It was veryyy good.

Delicious fancy version of classic Brazilian dish, escondidinho. Know idea what that green stuff on top is, but it tasted like roasted kale, mmmmm...

Delicious fancy version of classic Brazilian dish, escondidinho. Know idea what that green stuff on top is, but it tasted like roasted kale, mmmmm…

And I won’t include any images here (though I took quite a few) of the inside of Rio Scenarium, because there are far more and far better ones available on the internet.

The view from the second-floor balcony.

The view from the second-floor balcony.

We stayed for a few hours, from around 10pm to 2am. There was live music all night (mostly covers of famous songs, ranging from samba to MPB), lots of dancing, and lots of drinking. In an entire other wing of the building, there was even a DJ, for er, non-live music.

Final thoughts on Rio Scenarium: Really cool place, but my back hurt quite a bit after 4 hours of standing. If I ever go again, I would make a reservation so that I could sit down, have a nice meal, and hear some good music. The separate wing with the DJ and dance music was not really my scene, although interesting to see. The place is decorated in a quirky, “collector’s items” kind of way. What I mean is, there was an entire wall of old clocks, a wall of old horn instruments, a wall of old bicycles, etc. That was fun to see!

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