New Apartment!

I moved into a new apartment yesterday. Whee!

Rent comes out to about $625 USD a month, and I’m a block away from the Copacabana beach. I’m living with a Brazilian family (mom and daughter, per usual Brazilian household setup), as well as another American student, and a Brazilian lawyer. Strangely, my room is the biggest in the house.

Photo on 2013-04-06 at 23.26

Yes, that is a hammock. :)

Yes, that is a hammock. :)

Photo on 2013-04-06 at 23.25

The most closet space I've ever had in my life...

The most closet space I’ve ever had in my life…

Bonus: There’s an adorable cat named Leo. :)



I’m pretty happy with this place. The location is super convenient, I have all the things I need (kitchen use, refrigerator, wifi, privacy, safety, etc.), and of course, there’s a cat. :)

2 responses to “New Apartment!

  1. Sorry if I’m stalking you on Instagram and now WordPress haha but I am travelling to South America in June and I’m looking for an aerial centre to practise aerial silks/handstands/hoop etc. Did you manage to find one you love? Any recommendations would be great ! Also, how much are classes in Brazil? as so far I’ve only looked at Argentina, Thanks! xx

    • Hey!

      There are a number of other locations where you can do drop-in classes in Rio. The ones that I’m most familiar with are Base Dinâmica (their only online resource is their Facebook page here) or Intrépida Trupe (they also only use a Facebook page, which is here).

      I can’t remember much about prices, but I seem to remember that they were average. As in, they weren’t super cheap,but they also weren’t outrageous. Like maybe $20-$40 USD per class? Although the exchange rate is different now, so I really have no idea…!

      If you go to Base Dinâmica, give Guilherme a big hug for me! :)


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