Scuba Diving in Cabo Frio!

I went scuba diving today! (As if that wasn’t obvious from the title of this post..)

Someone posted on Couchsurfing that they’re looking for people to go scuba diving. Turns out Patricia, the one who posted, goes scuba diving every weekend in Cabo Frio. Since she has to drive there and has 4 extra seats in her car, she invites people to go with her, since otherwise it’s pretty lonely. Very cool! I contacted her, and we set it up. She picked me and 2 other couchsurfing members up in Copacabana, and we started off on our 2-3 hour drive to Cabo Frio.

Along the way there the traffic got really terrible, which Patricia found very strange. After about an hour of waiting in slow traffic, we saw the reason: 2 motorcyclists had been in a car accident. One of them was laying in a pool of blood in the middle of the highway. So sad.. :(

For a first-time scuba diver, the price that we got was pretty great: R$ 170, or about $85 USD, at the Over Sea Dive Center in Cabo Frio. Here’s our fearless captain:

Captain of the ship!

Captain of the ship!

Getting the diving suit on was a pain in the ass. It’s SO tight. Here’s me post suit-getting-into, waiting for someone to help me with my scuba gear.

Gettin’ prepared!

And here’s me post scuba-gear-addition and in the water!

About to go under!

The diver to my right in the photo above is about to give me my underwater tour and make sure I don’t die, haha.

Learning how to breath through the mouthpiece was a little challenging a first. My instinct was to continue to try to inhale with my nose, which, once you’re underwater, is obviously impossible. My brain kind of went into panic mode when I couldn’t inhale through my nose, even though I was inhaling through my mouth, and for the first 5 minutes or so I had a little mini panic attack. Which, fortunately, I was able to keep to myself, hahaa. It was just a mental freakout. After a few more attempts, I finally figured out how to just breath through the damn mouthpiece.


I was down underwater for about 25 minutes. We saw SO MANY SEA CREATURES. Holy crap. It was amazing. I saw a GIANT SEA TURTLE (photo of it, but not me, here), A PREGNANT SEAHORSE (which I got to hold!), tons of MORAY EELS (this scary motherfucker), lots and lots of colorful fishies, various kinds of sea urchins, and I even got to hold a BLOWFISH (photo here). I was like a foot away from the giant sea turtle as it swam away from us.. AMAZING.

So, yeah, it was like the coolest thing ever.

My only complaint was that I was FREEZING and starving. Seriously, so cold. The lower we got (and we only went down about 20 feet at the most), the colder the water got. My suit did not come with a hood, and I was literally shivering underwater for the last 15 minutes. I kind of wanted to die. As we swam back up to the surface, the warmth felt so good, and it was so good to take my wetsuit off and lay in the sun. Next time, I want the way heavy duty wetsuit, and a buffet waiting for me on the boat. Ha!

Aaaand, to end, here’s the group of us that went with Patricia (far left) in her car!

The scuba-diving/couchsurfing gang :)

2 responses to “Scuba Diving in Cabo Frio!

  1. Hey! So nice to find this post. I’m planning to go scuba diving in Cabo Frio in a couple of months, and I’m also a couchsurfer. Would you mind giving me the contact info to Patricia? Or her couchsurfing alias. :)

    • Hey Sofia!

      If you go to the Rio de Janeiro Couchsurfing page, Patricia’s event is always featured on the front page. :) Here’s a link in case you can’t find it.

      Good luck! Have fun! I love your bucket list! :)


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