Christ, Me, and My iPhone

Two main things happened today: 1) I saw Jesus. 2) I lost my iPhone.

It’s not what you think, and  I’m not sure that these two things exactly even out. Actually, I’m sure they don’t even out. Losing my iPhone is like the worst thing that’s happened to me here in Rio, besides getting eaten alive by mosquitos (WHY DO THEY BITE ME SO, WHY).

My day started off with Jack and I going to see Christ the Redeemer, the tourist destination to end all tourist destinations. It’s been almost 2 months and I still haven’t been? Yeah, yeah, I know. But hey, that’s what happens when you live somewhere touristy. You think, oh I’ll have plenty of time to see that, no worries.


Anyway, we took the cute little train up to the top, which cost about $24 USD. The view is amazing, of course, although it was a bit cloudy when we went. Here are some photos of course!

Me, Jack, and Jesus. And the cloudy day.

Me and my whole body. Jesus and.. well, just his body.

After we stood up there for a while taking about a million photos each, we went back down via the little train and got on a bus towards Ipanema for lunch. Here’s how the losing of the iPhone went:

I had my iPhone in my hand to make sure we got off at the right stop in Ipanema. Jack and I started to stand up, and I started to put my iPhone in my bag pocket. The bus jolted to a stop, and put my hand out to stablize the old woman in front of me, and we got off the bus. I put my hand back in my bag pocket for my iPhone, and it was gone! I searched everywhere on the ground and in my bag. It was nowhere. I immediately got a taxi on the street, and asked him to follow that bus. He drove like a madman, and even threw in some cursing at a van who had cut in front of him. About 10 minutes later, I was back on the bus, looking on the floor, in the seat, everywhere. Still nothing. I got off the bus, dejected. The cabbie asked me if I found it, and I said no. Jack was so sweet to have already paid him. I walked dejectedly back towards Ipanema with Jack.

A sad day. A very sad day.

Just out of curiosity I took a look at some prices of iPhones here in Brazil…

iPhone 5 (16GB) + Vivo’s Most Expensive Phone Plan = $825 USD for the phone, and $250 USD per month.
iPhone 5 (16GB) + Vivo’s Cheapest Phone Plan = $1,300 USD for the phone, and $18 USD per month.
iPhone 4S (16GB) unlocked = $850 USD
iPhone 4 (8GB) unlocked = $550 USD

Hoooooooooooollllyyyyy crap.


2 responses to “Christ, Me, and My iPhone

    • Nah, I never synced any info to iCloud. And there wasn’t really any data on there that I didn’t already have saved on my computer, or that I really need. It’s a pain in the ass, for sure, but I’m getting a new one delivered shortly. :)

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