Losing My iPhone, Finding.. Other Things

So I lost my iPhone about 30 days ago (it’s not like I’ve been keeping track or anything) and, while I’d like to say that I am a more enlightened being for having spent a month away from the little internet portal (aka the black hole) that is my smartphone…

Yeah, I’m  just not. I’m reeeeally glad to have my iPhone back. Ha! I feel like a person again now that I can a) communicate with people out side of my bedroom, and b) play Angry Birds on the subway.

One thing I did get REALLY good at was: making plans with people, showing up (using a hand-drawn map of unfamiliar roads/bus stops), and just sitting there and waiting (sometimes for 45 minutes or more) for them to show up too. (That’s just how it is here in Brazil.) Here’s an example of some of the hand-drawn maps and lists I got used to making whenever I left the house…

This is how I managed to not get lost for a month while I was phone-less...

This is how I managed to not get lost for a month while I was phone-less…

This is how I kept track of how much money I spent for the month while I was phone-less...

This is how I kept track of how much money I spent for the month while I was phone-less…

You may remember, dear reader, when, in my previous post about losing my iPhone, I complained about the prices of iPhones in this country (almost $1000 USD), and you may have wondered, what did Rachel choose to do instead? If you know me, you know there’s no way I would spend close to $1000 USD on a a replacement iPhone, when they are available in the States for a fraction of that price.

Let me break it down:

  1. First, I called Verizon and told them my phone was lost, maybe stolen. I did this the day that it happened. The rep was super nice and said, no problem, you were paying insurance each month up until you suspended your plan, so just talk to the insurance company Asurion, and they’ll hook you up!
  2. I spoke with Asurion. Total price for my replacement iPhone came to $170. Not bad.
  3. Asurion mailed my replacement iPhone to my girlfriend’s house in New York City, since it had to be activated in the US, rather than in Brazil. Not only did they mail it, they OVERNIGHTED IT. Amazing.
  4. My girlfriend, wonderful person that she is, activated it for me in Brooklyn.
  5. My friend Nick, a fellow grantee here in Rio, happened to have a friend coming to visit him at the beginning of May. My girlfriend met up with Nick’s friend in Brooklyn, and passed the phone over to her.
  6. Two and half weeks later, Nick’s friend flew to Rio, with my iPhone.
  7. Sadly, Nick’s friend was without internet, and so could not answer or return any of my Facebook messages.
  8. Nick and his friend had already had a trip planned to Ilha Grande, so they left as planned, before I had a chance to get my phone. No worries though, they would be back soon!
  9. I’m sure my iPhone had a fabulous time on Ilha Grande.
  10. Tonight, May 13th, 2013, Nick returned to Rio, we met up for dinner, and I finally got my phone.


And that, ladies and gentleman, is the fabulous and traveled life of my iPhone.

Now all that’s left to do is figure out how to make the damn Brazilian SIM card work….


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