A Bike Ride with a View!

This afternoon I went for a bike ride with some friends. We started in Copacabana and ended in Flamengo, with a detour through Urca along the way. The view of the bay from Urca is so beautiful! Maybe one day when I’m super rich I’ll be able to afford one of the mansions on the coast of Urca with a view of Cristo Redentor.. But until then, pictures and bike rides will have to suffice.. :)

First, here’s a map to give you an idea of where exactly we went. Follow the pink line! :)

This is a map of the bike ride we took. We started at my house, and ended at the train station in Flamengo. :)

This is a map of the bike ride we took. We started at my house, and ended at the train station in Flamengo. :)

All in all, if we hadn’t stopped to take in the views and eat some snacks, the whole bike ride probably would’ve only taken about 25 minutes. It’s a short ride, but you can make it longer if you start from Leblon (way west of my house in Copacabana) and ride until you get to the local airport, Santos Dumont Airport (a bit north of Flamengo).

Before we got to Urca proper, we made a pit stop at Praia Vermelha, a little beach that really isn’t that great for swimming.. but it IS great for other things like hanging a silk, catching the lift to the top of Sugarloaf mountain, and ROCK CLIMBING. Holy crap, these rock climbers are really high up…

Badass rock climbers at Praia Vermelha, Urca. (Look closely!!)

Here’s a shot of the road and sidewalk along the bay in Urca proper, from which you can see the boats in the bay and Mr. Jesus Christ himself.

The sidewalk by the bay in Urca.

And here’s a shot of the sunset in the distance…

View of the sunset from Urca.

After a certain point in the evening, Mr. Jesus gets illuminated. In the photo below, you can see that he’s now all lit up. Hi Mr. Jesus!

View of Mr. Jesus from Urca.

And then as we were biking towards the subway station in Flamengo (so that I could take the train home), we passed a crowd of people surrounding… AN AMERICAN FOOTBALL GAME. No, I mean, the players were Brazilian.. But they were playing AMERICAN football. It nearly blew my mind. Thati confirmed that there are indeed many Brazilians here in Rio who get together and play American football games. Wut.

Brazilians playing American football.. WUT.

Apparently, there are also some Brazilians here who play baseball.

…That, I will need to see.


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