São Paulo Gay Pride Weekend!

This past weekend was the São Paulo Gay Pride Parade!

I flew into São Paulo from Rio on Friday. The plane ride was super easy and fast — about 50 minutes. All in all, from leaving my house, taking a taxi to the airport, going through security (which only took about 10 minutes!), landing in São Paulo, and taking a taxi to my friend Angelina’s apartment, my whole trip was only about 3-4 hours. Easy peasy. :)

The cute lunch/snack box that is provided when you fly with TAM airlines.

Here’s a shot of Angelina’s luxurious studio apartment in downtown São Paulo.

Angelina’s studio apartment. Niiice.

Angelina, a fellow grantee studying anthropology, was kind enough to let me stay at her place for the weekend. She had a balcony with a great view.

On Friday night, after I got there, we just kind of hung out in her apartment and chatted. Oh, and we went grocery shopping as well. (Grocery shopping is the best. It’s like Christmas! I can buy 5 packs of ramen and a chocolate bar if I want, OR I can get a rotisserie chicken and the fancy exotic fruit with an unpronounce-able name.)

The next day, Saturday, was the day of the dyke march. Nick, another grantee who had come to São Paulo to see the gay pride parade, joined me in a little adventure to go find it. Sadly, I think we got confused about when it was happening, and missed it entirely.

..However, we did find some live music in honor of dyke pride.

Live music in honor of dyke pride!

The music ranged from samba-inspired pop to screamo. It was… interesting. I really didn’t expect the screamo.

Sunday morning Angelina and I made breakfast!

Breakfast of champions. DELICIOUS.

I almost cried, it was so good. After living for 2 months in an apartment where I couldn’t use the kitchen and had been living off of ham and cheese sandwiches, it felt so liberating to cut and fry potatoes and cook some eggs. Tears of happiness you guys. Tears of happiness. *_*

The Pride Parade started around 12pm, and we found a live broadcast of it online. We hooked Angelina’s computer up to her TV to get the full experience.

Here’s a shot of the drag queen host and her victim, I mean interviewee:

Drag queen Tchaka and one of her many victim-interviewees.

In case you want to know more about Tchaka, see her website here. :)

A few other people started coming over as well, some gay couples and a few other grantees who were in town. Angelina made us yummy snacks to munch on while we watched the parade!

Snacks! Salam with olives, crackers, FRIED BALLS OF MUSHROOM RISOTTO, and fresh mozzarella balls. Can you tell which one was my favorite?

It was a little drizzly all afternoon, but I’m pretty sure that kind of bullshit ain’t gonna stop the gays from marching. I, however, decided to stay inside until it let up a little bit.

Around 5pm, Pauline (another grantee) and I decided to finally head out to experience the crazyness that is the gay pride parade first-hand.

Here’s a shot of the row of porta potties along the parade:

Gay pride and porta potties.

And here’s a lady in heels and no pants:

Look ma no pants!

And here’s Pauline and some titties (obligatory gay pride parade shot):


I’m not entirely sure if this is okay for me to post on WordPress… But we’ll find out! :)

And here’s a shot of me and some.. furries? I”m not sure.

Me and some cat guys.

Me and some cat guys.

By the time Pauline and I got to the parade, I think it was already winding down. It was dark out (nighttime starts at like 6pm here during the fall/winter), there was lots of trash on the ground, and there were sooo many people it was hard to walk. We didn’t see much in the way of floats, so I’m not sure if they just didn’t have them, or if we had just missed them all.

Either way, I’m glad I went to the biggest gay pride event in the world. :)


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