Churrasco on the Roof

My resident what-are-we-doing-today friend Sílvia invited me to her friend Sarah’s birthday party/churrasco (Brazilian barbecue) today. Sarah had hired someone to come and MAKE churrasco on her roof for her birthday… That’s like the best birthday party ever.

..So basically my afternoon consisted of sitting on a roof eating freshly barbecued meats, and shootin’ the shit. Here’s some shots of the foooooood:

Bread toasted with garlic, butter, and a little bit of cheese, as well as some barbecued chicken. DELICIOUS.

..lots of meat:

…I am eating a ridiculous amount of meat here in Rio.

For some reason, there’s a giant brick oven on the roof of Sarah’s building, so naturally that’s where the churrasco was made.

Where the magic happens.

Eventually it got dark, and we climbed up some ladders to get higher up on the roof. The view was amazing. Here’s a shot of the party people:

Brazilian barbecue on the roof… It ain’t a bad day.

And here’s a shot of the favela next door/behind her fancy building (a little earlier in the evening, before the sun had set):

View of the Cantagalo favela from the roof.

View of the Cantagalo favela from the roof.

…Oh, and someone’s mom made a birthday cake for her. <3

Homemade chocolate-coconut cake… Uh oh.

..I think you and I both know where this is going.

I don’t even LIKE coconut, but that damn chocolate-coconut cake was so good.


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