I Love Portuguese: #3


This is starting to get really fun. I think Brazilians are almost more amused by my definitions than non-Brazilians, hahaha. In light of the fact that this list is rapidly growing, and because I’m hoping to be able to reference it more and more myself, I’ve create a separate page where you can view ALL of these words all together! How exciting!

Take a look at it here: I Love Portuguese Dictionary.

From now on, I’ll be adding all newly learned words to the dictionary page above as well. :)


  • careta 1.) –  [adjective] square, straight-laced, conventional, boring
    Basically someone lame, haha. You might tease your friend for being “careta” if they tell you they want go leave a party early. Or, my friends might tease me for being “careta” since I rarely if ever drink alcohol when we go out! You can also call someone a “square” in Portuguese, literally “quadrado.”
  • o careta 2.)  – [noun] a funny face
    For example, when you stick your tongue out in a picture, you are making a “careta.” But you could make a “careta” at a kid, or make one behind someone’s back.
  • flertar –  [verb] to flirt
    Given that there are various ways to flirt, Brazilians have explained to me that this term refers more to the kind of flirting that is usually done from afar — smiles, glances, bedroom eyes, and smoldering looks. Other ways of flirting are “dar mole” and “dar em cima.”
  • dar mole  – [verb] to flirt (but more physically close)
    This is the kind of flirting that is definitely not from a distance. It happens when two people are next to each other or facing one another. This kind of flirting might include arm touching, shoulders brushing, and leaning in… More than “flertar,” less than “dar em cima.”
  • dar em cima  – [verb] to flirt (but very directly), to hit on
    This is the kind of flirting where you ain’t playin’ around. You’re crushing on someone, you’re feeling it in your pants, and you want them to know. May include kissing someone with or without asking, putting your arm around them with or without asking, telling them how beautiful they are or how much you want to take them home and do the horizontal mambo. Way more direct and, at times, aggressive, than “flertar” and “dar mole.”
  • o petisco  – [noun] a snack
    Another word for this is “comidinha,” which literally means “little food.” The verb is “petiscar.”
  • a racha  – [noun] bitch, whore
    This literally means vagina crack. No, not like cocaine for your vagina. Like, literally, the crack that is formed by a vagina. I love this word, simply for its power to conjure a mental image and for its ugliness. A “racha,” in non-slang conversations, is just a crack, a fissure, or a crevice. But when used in slang, it refers to the vagina, and is a pejorative term used for women. As far as I know, it’s used particularly within the LGBT community by queens and various other kinds of more-effeminate gay men. Basically, they callin’ you a ho.

Okay, until next time! :)


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