Neil Arrives! (Churrasco at Fogo de Chão!)

My friend Neil arrived today from L.A. to spend a couple of weeks here in Rio with me! Hi Neil!

Picked Neil up from the airport… Hi Neil!

We spent the day biking around, relaxing.. I went to a BJJ class while he took a nap after his very long flight.

Then, in the evening, we got crazy.

…And by crazy, I mean, we ate a LOT of food. More specifically, Brazilian barbecue, aka churrasco.

…Holy Mother of God we ate so much meat.

Here’s a shot of the view from within inside the fancy churrascaria we went to, Fogo de Chão:

View from inside the restaurant, which is located on the water in Botafogo.

View from inside the restaurant, which is located on the water in Botafogo.

As as typical of most “churrascarias” (Brazilian barbecue houses), it was “rodizio” style (where waiters walk around with various kinds of meats, often from giant skewers, and offer to fill your plate until you basically have to beg them to stop) with a buffet of sides and greens available.

Neil, my Brazilian friend Antonio, and I hustled over to the buffet, got a couple of sides (so as not to fill up, of course), sat back down at our table, turned our little cards to “Yes, I want meat” and waited. Within like 15 seconds, our table was practically swarming with waiters and their giant skewers of meat. At first I tried to take it slow…. but soon I was basically just stuffing my face and nodding to every waiter that came up to me to cut me a slice of whatever they were offering.

After a few minutes, my plate looked like this:

Chicken.. pork… beef… sausage… Oh, and there’s a stalk of asparagus too.

The lamb shops were reaaallly good:

Lamb chops that were DEE-licious.

Here’s a shot of Antonio and Neil being cute:

My philosophical friends. :)

…And by being cute, I mean most likely discussing something totally theoretical and archaic. Durkheim may have been mentioned at some point in the conversation.

Oh, and, obviously, I had to get a piece of cake chocolate cake that was sandwiched with ice cream and drizzled with chocolate sauce. It’s not like I was bursting at the seams or anything.

Chocolate cake to follow the meatfest. ….I’ll never admit to eating too much.

All in all, quite a good dinner. Total price came out to about $75 USD for me (which included the fixed price for the rodizio, a couple glasses of water, and my chocolate cake). Pretty pricey! My only critique would be the same critique that I’ve had for most of the food here in Rio, particularly the meat: the main seasoning here seems to be salt. And a LOT of it.

Come on cariocas, where yer herbs at?


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