Go Karting!!

OH MY GOD I went go karting tonight. It was awesome. This is officially the first time I’ve ever driven a moving vehicle (as opposed to a stationary arcade vehicle..).

Neil and I went with some of my Brazilian friends to a go kart track in Barra da Tijuca. We met up with Veronica and Sílvia in Ipanema, and Veronica drove us to Barra — there was hardly any traffic so the trip by car only took about 25 minutes. Oh, and I love the Wikipedia description of Barra:

Barra is well known for its beaches, its uncountable lakes and rivers, and its highly Americanized lifestyle… Barra da Tijuca is classified as one of the most developed places in Brazil, with one of the highest HDI (0.970) in the country… built only 30 years ago, follows the American standards with large boulevards creating the major transit axis.

Yeah, driving through Barra definitely felt like driving through the States… Like somewhere in Miami or LA.

The go kart place was called Top Kart Indoors. We had 8 people, so we ended up racing with a few other people we didn’t know. Here’s a shot of the track:

The go kart track!

And here’s a shot of all of us:

Me and the goofballs. :)

And a goofy one:

Me and Tamires at muscle beach. XD

Me and Tamires at muscle beach. XD

…Of course, I came in last place. Marion came in first, Sílvia was right before me, and Neil came in before Sílvia. I’ve never driven anything before! It was hard to make turns without losing speed! And the marshalls kept stopping me and giving me warnings because I was hugging the turns and not letting other people (who were going faster than me) pass. I thought that was the point of a race? To not let other people pass? -_- bahhh…

Either way, it was fun to go go karting for the first time, and it was interesting to see a little bit of Barra da Tijuca. Afterwards, Sílvia, Veronica, Neil, and I went out for ice cream in Ipanema at Felice Café. Their ice cream is billed as artesian ice cream that is prepared fresh daily. The ice cream was better than most of the ice cream I’ve had here (which maybe isn’t saying much, since I haven’t had very good ice cream, nor have I tried that many places..), although Neil was not impressed. I had a scoop of vanilla and a scoop of creme with gianduia chips. Mmmmm…

The search for the best ice cream continues..! :)


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