BJJ Seminar (w/ Master Francisco Mansor!) and Homemade Churrasco!

So, NBD, I got to do a 3-hour seminar with Francisco Mansor today with my friend Aaron from  The reason he’s famous is because he’s one of the few red belts in the world AND was one of the few belted as such under Helio Gracie himself. O_O.

…Man, if only EVERY jiu jitsu class I ever had was like the seminar we did today, life would be awesome. (…Except with more rolling, since we didn’t roll at all today, and I wanted to try all the cool things he showed us.)

What did he show us? I really couldn’t even begin to describe it all… it was a lot (I mean..3 hours..)! But I can say that he went through several classic positions (mount, guard, etc.) and broke them down into the major variations of each position. The main thing that I think stuck with me afterwards were the variations form when you’re in mount (on top). The way he broke down the various ways you can position your hips was so methodical.. So awesome.

Oh, and then after the seminar he gave me a bear hug. Collective aaaaaw.

Me and Grandmaster Mansor. Omg.

The seminar was held at the very first BJJ academy that he opened, Kioto, which is located in the neighborhood of Tijuca here in Rio. I’d never been there before, so it was interesting to check it out. Seemed pretty middle-class and quiet, unlike the beach neighborhoods where I live. The cost of the seminar, which had a limited number of spots available, was R$ 100, which is a little under $50 USD at the current (awesome) exchange rate.

Theeeeen I went to a Brazilian barbecue! Some of my friends on a local women’s soccer league invited me. They even rented a space with a brick oven grill thing (I think there must be an official name for it, but I can’t for the life of me remember as Portuguese is taking up all the space in my brain) so they could make their own churrasco! Whee!

This is what churrasco looks like before it’s cooked…

If you ever wondered what the ingredients for Brazilian barbecue are….

Yeah, basically that just cover their meat in rock salt and then put it over a spit. That shit will make you retain water like a mofo.

Here’s a shot of the brick oven grill thing:

Gettin’ cooked..!

And here’s the final product!

Gettin’ ready to eat!

The meat was pretty good, but I have to say that my favorite part of Brazilian barbecue is probably not the meat, but the garlic bread (called “pão de alho”).

Yup, you heard.

And this coming from a girl who doesn’t even normally like bread.

Brazilian barbecue garlic bread (meaning, the garlic bread that Brazilians typically eat with their Brazilian barbecue) is primarily different from American garlic bread because they add something cheesy or creamy. Sometimes they add mayonnaise, sometimes it’s requeijão (a creamy liquid-y cheese that we don’t have in the States), sometimes its mozzarella cheese, and sometimes its cream of onion soup in powder form, or some combination of these. They add it in with the garlic and the olive oil mix that they spread on top of the bread before grilling the bread lightly. (You can find various recipes online, so I’ll just skip the part where I post a recipe.)

It’s sooo delicious.

And probably will clog your arteries if you eat as much of it as I did.


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