I Love Portuguese: #5


  • cara de pau  –  [adjective] shameless
    Literally, someone with a “face made of wood.” This word comes in handy all the time. For example, when I arrived 45 minutes late to aerial class once, my instructor said to me with a grin, “Você tá muito cara de pau hein?” (“You’re totally shameless, eh?”). Cariocas use this phrase aaaallll the time, usually in funny contexts.
  • o/a craque   – [noun] the shit, the best, the expert
    Surprisingly, this has no relation to the word “crack” (or does it?). For example, “Aquelas meninas são as craques de futbol…” (Those girls are the shit at soccer…!).
  • a peça  –  [noun] a piece of work, a hilarious or peculiar person
    A “peçå” is literally a piece, as in a theater piece, or a play. It’s pretty much the exact same thing as when we call someone a “piece of work” in English.
  • a doirera  – [noun] madness, craziness, bullshit
    Another word “doideira” means the same thing.
  • a popozuda – [noun] a hot woman with a big ass, a little skanky or trashy
    It’s all about the ass here in Latin America isn’t it. At least in Brazil it is. Go Google image search “popozuda” and this word will make complete sense. Kinda of like Kim Kardashian, but even trashier, i.e. in tinier booty shorts. OH OH OH: Coco, as in Ice-T’s wife. Her, exactly.
  • a popozão  – [noun] the big ass belonging to a popozuda
    Go Google search this. Hahahahaha.

For the full history of words I’ve defined, see the I Love Portuguese Dictionary!


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