I Love Portuguese: #6


  • estufado, -a  –  [adjective] stuffed (as in, you ate too much)
    This isn’t exactly slang, but it’s not exactly a word you’ll find in the dictionary either. It comes from the verb “estufar” which can mean either a) to stew or heat, to put in a greenhouse, or b) to give someone a lot of food, as in, to stuff them full of food. (Kind of like the way we stuff chickens.. or the way the witch stuffed Hansel and Gretel…right, anyways..) Generally the term you’ll hear people use is “satisfeito” (meaning “satisfied”) which is a polite way of saying you’re full, and thank you Chef for providing such a wonderful meal. I have sometimes heard people say “cheio” which literally means “full” (as in, glass half full), BUT I’ve also been told that this isn’t entirely polite. So stick with “satisfeito” or “estufado.”
  • viado, -a   – [noun] fag, homo, sissy, wuss, girlyboy
    This word ranges in its meaning. I would say there are 3 ways in which it is most popularly used: 1.) To be used to call someone a fag or a homo, literally, in an offensive way. 2.) To be used to call someone a sissy, a pussy, a wuss, a girlyboy, etc. but without trying to say they are actually gay. This is not exactly offensive. 3.) To be used in a totally “harmless” way with your friends, i.e. a name you might call them in a teasing but friendly way. And even just as a term of endearment (I know, weird). In the States, this would be both offensive and politically incorrect… But this is Brazil, where political correctness pretty much doesn’t exist, so it’s totally acceptable. The diminutive is “viadinho” (little fag), which can also be used either offensively or in a friendly way.
  • viadagem  –  [noun] faggyness, sissiness, wussiness
    Hilarious, I know. So, as with the 3 ways that the word “viado” can be used, the same applies to “viadagem” which is just the noun that describe the act of being a “viado.” You can say, for example, “Deixa de viadagem, porra!” Which translates to “Stop being such a little girl, shiiiit.” (You can translate that various ways.) Hilarious to me.
  • vadia  – [noun] slut, whore
    Unlike the masculine version of this word, in the feminine form, this word just means slut. Literally the word still means someone who is a good-for-nothing, but when applied to a woman the inference is that she’s, er, letting it all out… being a “loose” woman. You know what I mean. Again, not really used outside of this meaning, not even in a friendly/teasing way, the way that “viado” is. (Unless, as my friend pointed out, you’re in bed with a woman who likes to be called a whore. Ahem.)
  • vadio  –  [noun] good-for-nothing, bum
    This is only to be used to call men. The feminine version of this word means something totally different. Also, somewhere in between the switching of a couple of letters with the word “viado,” this word somehow crossed the line and isn’t used by anyone in a friendly way. Actually, it’s not commonly used at all. You probably aren’t likely to hear anyone use it. They are much more likely to use “vagabundo” which means the same thing.
  • bater bronha  – [verb] to masturbate, to beat off, to jerk off
    Yup, only used for men though.
  • bater siririca  – [verb] to masturbate
    Just for women!

For the full history of words I’ve defined, see the I Love Portuguese Dictionary!

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