Asian Grocery Found! Food Cravings (Temporarily) Satiated

Holy crap I found an Asian food store today!! It’s a few blocks from my house, on the way to jiu jitsu class, and when I walked in, all of my wildest dreams came true.

Not kidding.

It’s called Mercearia Mei Jo and it’s at Rua Marquês de Abrantes, 222. All I could find online about it was a Foursquare page, a Kekanto page (the Brazilian version of Foursquare I believe?), and a weird/empty Google Plus profile.

Here’s the front of the store:

The front of the store.

It’s pretty small inside…

When you walk in..

But even though it was small, I came home with all of these goodies:


The loot.

And here’s what my face looked like:


That is not an exaggeration. In the image above are the following items:

  • spicy preserved bamboo shoots (I suspect that these “bamboo shoots” are not actually made of bamboo… but I have no proof. Is bamboo even edible? The ingredients list is suspicious too.. “Bamboo shoots, salt, sugar, chili, soybeans oil, lactic acid.” Shelf life: 3 years. Yeahhhh… this stuff can’t be good for you.)
  • mochi balls! green tea flavor!
  • Shin Ramyun (really spicy Korean brand of ramen that I haven’t eaten since sophomore year of college..)
  • Milk Tea (HOLY SHIT YES!!)
  • some fruit-flavored tea (Asian fruit-flavored is always better than non-Asian fruit-flavored tea. Fuck that Nestea bullshit.)
  • dried seasoned seaweed
  • more kimchi-flavored ramen

I didn’t even realize how much I’d been craving “real” Asian foods until I found myself eating the Shin Ramyun for dinner tonight, followed by more than HALF the jar of preserved bamboo shoots, and finished off with the entire pack of seaweed.

…Which is an entirely absurd amount of salt and MSG to consume in one sitting.

But I am happy. :)


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